You will need to create a formal Word document answering the questions thoroughly, in narrative form, and you must use, at a minimum, the textbook and at least one other source (Internet sites are acceptable). The Word document will need to be submitted in Canvas. Although this is not a formal research paper, please include all references and citations within the Word document. Please note that you WILL be graded on proper use of grammar and sentence structure! I will give you the photos of the textbook: Heizer, J and Render, B. (2013).Operations Management (12th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.

NOTE: ALL papers submitted will be evaluated using “TurnItIn.com”. Any papers that are duplicates of other papers in either this or any previous class will receive an automatic zero. DO NOT PLAGIARIZE! This should be your own original work and every paper must be unique.

Use APA Format.

HERE is the Case Question:

Case 1 – Chapter 8 (FedEx)

  1. Provide a high-level overview and history of the company.
  2. How is FedEx’ operations improved by its location?
  3. How does FedEx’ location strategy differ from its competitors?
  4. How has FedEx affected the Memphis, TN area (include positive and negative aspects)?


In the first part. What is the main idea of EACH reading? Each reading just need 3 sentences to analysis. Please separate each articles ONE BY ON

In the second part. Compare and contrast the main ideas of ALL the readings, and explain how do ALL oft them relate to Global Studies?

The reading is in the upload files.


I need two responses, one for each peer upload in file. I need 4 references, 2 for each peer, the reference has to be no more than 5 years.


As a brand manager, for a product of your choice, develop a strategy for launching the product in a manner most likely to capture the attention of the product’s primary target market.

Write a 500-1,000-word paper describing the product and outlining your strategic approach to marketing this product. Discuss some of the social and ethical issues for this industry and product. Identify strategies for addressing concerns about these issues with the primary target market.

Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.

This assignment uses a grading rubric. Instructors will be using the rubric to grade the assignment; therefore, students should review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the assignment criteria and expectations for successful completion of the assignment.

You are required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite. Refer to the directions in the Student Success Center. Only Word documents can be submitted to LopesWrite.


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costco corporation

In researching and preparing your paper, you should use a minimum of 5 sources of information. Develop a reference list of your sources and appropriately reference them throughout the paper as you present information from them.

Situation Analysis

1. Describe the current climate and situation that your retailer finds itself in as it attempts to compete. Describe what is occurring in the industry. Provide a brief overview of the retail sector in which the retailer operates. What environmental and economic factors are affecting the retailer? Describe competitive pressures, changing demographics and buying preferences, consumer behavior issues, image issues, etc. that affects this retailer and how they conduct business? How has the industry changed as a result of ecommerce and technology?

2. How has your retailer changed and evolved over time? What is your retailer’s primary business? What is their business model (how do they choose to operate)? What is their corporate strategy? What are their goals? What parts of their business are growing and generate the most revenue? How is your retailer seeking to increase revenue in the future? 

3. Corporate Analysis – Who is the parent company of your retailer? What retailers are part of their portfolio? What is the parent company’s overall market strategy and how does this retailer fit into their overall strategy?

4. Competition 

Who are the retailers’ competitors (both direct and indirect)? How does your retailer compare to these competitors in terms of its size, market dominance/share, sales, profitability, etc.? 

What is your retailer’s competitive strength? How do they try to compete? Are there strategies that have not worked for them?

What retailers have they identified as competitive threats? Why?

Marketing Strategy

5. Retail Market Strategy 

a. Target Audience – Who is their target audience? (describe demographically and psychographically, if possible) How does this compare to the competition?

b. What image do they want to convey? How do they attempt to position themselves in the minds of consumers in the market? What is their current image in the industry and in the minds of consumers? Is this image working for them? How does this compare with the image of competitors?

c. How do they make use of technology (web and ecommerce, supply chain management, information systems, etc.)? How has technology affected the way they conduct business?

d. What is their global presence and strategy? What countries have they entered? How successful have they been expanding into these countries? What obstacles have they faced?

e. What is their location strategy? Why have they chosen this strategy? 

f. What is their approach to managing human resources? (if this info is available)

g. Describe their merchandising strategy – how they buy, what they buy, breadth vs depth of merchandise, etc. How is it reflected in their financial strategy?

h. What is their pricing strategy and how does this affect their profitability? 

i. Describe their approach to advertising and sales promotions. Has it been effective for them?

j. What challenges does your retailer face in terms of the retail strategy variables just described? Do some appear to be working better than others? 

Financial Analysis

6. Conduct a financial analysis of your retailer and two to five of its top competitors. Include revenue growth, Gross Margin, Net Margin,Inventory Turnover, projected sales etc. What does this analysis say about how your retailer operates and its profitability? What can your retailer do to improve its profitability?

This should be atleast 5 pages in length( just words). All tables and numbers should be in the appendix. Also compare to 3 other competitors and use 3 financial years (recent at least upto 2018)

Please follow the guidelines and write it like you are answering the questions but in a paper form. Everything in the guidelines needs to be included and labeled.

health assessment 13

complete question:

Describe the effect of extremely low birth weight babies on the family and community. Consider short-term and long-term impacts, socioeconomic implications, the need for ongoing care, and comorbidities associated with prematurity. Explain how disparities relative to ethnic and cultural groups may contribute to low birth weight babies. Identify one support service within your community to assist with preterm infants and their families and explain how the service adequately addresses the needs of the community, or a population in your community. Provide the link to the resource in your post.

federal bureaucracy 1

For this assignment, you will prepare an essay in which you will reflect upon the material you have studied in this unit. Make sure that your paper answers the following questions:

  • What is the structure of the federal bureaucracy? In your opinion, should the federal bureaucracy be considered, as it is by some, as the “real government”? Why, or why not?
  • What is the structure and role of the judiciary system? Give at least one example of how the judicial system can curb the power of the bureaucracy and one example each of how it can curb the power of the executive and legislative branches.
  • What is the iron triangle, and how does it affect the creation of government policy?
  • What has this unit taught you about the inner workings of the federal government?

Your paper must be at least three pages in length, be double-spaced, and typed in 12-point Times New Roman font.

You must use at least three academic references, for the development of your paper. Make sure that all sources are cited and referenced using APA guidelines


During the course of your life you have witnessed significant events and social issues. Clearly analyze how these events/issues/experiences have contributed to, changed, or transformed your modern outlook on life.

In this essay you must cover several objectives:

– Introduction with thesis statement.

– One body paragraph: Document a change/transformation that has occurred in your perspective. Explain how this perspective change has helped to shape your modern world outlook. (My perspective change is: It is better to help than to judge, please write this essay about this perspective change.)

– Two to three body paragraphs: Relate your new perspective to several events/issues/experiences, explaining how they have contributed to your modern outlook on life. Use documented resources to contextualize these events/issues/experiences. (One example that I have contributed is: I work as a cashier in gas station, and I deal with a lot of people daily. Before I used to view homeless people as thieves and bad people, and I always had to pay extra attention whenever a homeless person enter the store. This was a micro-aggression toward the homeless people, and after I read the Citizen book by Claudia Rankine, I changed my perspective toward them. Now, I start to help them by offering water and food to them, and also sometimes I give them my clothes that I don’t uss. Please include this example in this section as one of the experiences and add more explanation to it. Also, you need to find at least two more events, issues, or experiences to include (find one outside event, issue, or experience).

– Two to three body paragraphs: Before+After; Explain how your current world outlook influences (or has influenced) your reaction to various rhetorical situations. Be sure to discuss how your reaction might have differed before your change in perspective.

– Conclusion.

MLA Format

8-9 Pages

Cited page

If something is not clear, please contact me so we can move on.

t follow the instruction to write 1200words business research report

Follow the instruction to write 1200words business research report

This report needs a nice cover page and executive summary

You must use Harvard referencing style

The reporting entity you choose to write must be from the given list

I have attached an example for you to have a look

This assignment is very important

Please go through all instructions carefully

All the work must be original

Turnitin report is required