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Do your own independent research into employee privacy issues. (There is a chapter called “Employee Privacy” in the book, The Essential Guide to Federal Employment Laws) You will then draft a “Employee Privacy Policy” for your new Hospitality Company. Do not simply copy something from the Internet if you do, I will refuse to accept […]


Discussion questions for American Government: Q & A (DUE IN 24 Hrs.) These are Questions needed to be answered? Thank in Advance. Discussion Board Questions American Government, (4 – 11). Check out upload! Thanks so much everyone for all the tutoring and guidance.


Employee Violence Answer the following questions: What are some violence indicators an employee might display? What are some actions management can take to help prevent workplace violence? How can employees protect themselves against workplace violence? The following requirements must be met: Write between 1,000 – 1,500 words using Microsoft Word in APA 6th edition style. […]


For this task, you will develop a reflective discussion that explains your current understanding and opinions of Title IX. You may also share any personal experiences with Title IX. Next, read the assigned chapters from your text and articles referenced. Also, survey the scholarly research regarding the history of Title IX and the Education Amendments […]

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Re-read Glaspell’s play, TRIFLES. Then for this week’s discussion, consider the following: Discussion due, with reply, The men in the play are able to determine the means and opportunity for the murder but are unable to determine the motive. Without all three, they cannot convict Mrs. Wright. The women in the play, however, are able […]

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Your topic: You are to select a fictional character from a television show, movie, book, etc. or a real life individual and explain the individual’s “personality” using two (2) contrasting personality theories discussed in this course. Your final paper should be between 15 and 20 pages, not including the cover page, abstract, text, and references. […]


LEASE FOLLOW DIRECTIONS. YOU ARE TO CRITIQUE EACH POETRY ENTRY BELOW AND FOLLOW ALL DIRECTIONS BELOW IN DOING SO. THE 1ST AND LAST POEMS ARE ATTACHED BELOW For each poetry entry, you are required to write at least 60-80 words 1. “Sir Patrick Spence” Critique (ATTACHED) 2. “Bonny Barbara Allen” Critique 3. “A Woman Mourned […]

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I have attached 3 sessions below, for EACH SESSION (6,7,8) you will need to write a ONE PAGE SINGLE SPACED reflection on what you learned in the reading AS WELL AS how you can use what you learned in your everyday lives. TOTAL SHOULD BE 3 PAGES SINGLE SPACED (1 PAGE FOR EACH SESSION)