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You will need to create a formal Word document answering the questions thoroughly, in narrative form, and you must use, at a minimum, the textbook and at least one other source (Internet sites are acceptable). The Word document will need to be submitted in Canvas. Although this is not a formal research paper, please include […]


I need two responses, one for each peer upload in file. I need 4 references, 2 for each peer, the reference has to be no more than 5 years.


As a brand manager, for a product of your choice, develop a strategy for launching the product in a manner most likely to capture the attention of the product’s primary target market. Write a 500-1,000-word paper describing the product and outlining your strategic approach to marketing this product. Discuss some of the social and ethical […]


I have added the code as asked but it still does not want to work can someone point me in the right direction or tell me what I am doing wrong!!

costco corporation

In researching and preparing your paper, you should use a minimum of 5 sources of information. Develop a reference list of your sources and appropriately reference them throughout the paper as you present information from them. Situation Analysis 1. Describe the current climate and situation that your retailer finds itself in as it attempts to […]

health assessment 13

complete question: Describe the effect of extremely low birth weight babies on the family and community. Consider short-term and long-term impacts, socioeconomic implications, the need for ongoing care, and comorbidities associated with prematurity. Explain how disparities relative to ethnic and cultural groups may contribute to low birth weight babies. Identify one support service within your […]

federal bureaucracy 1

For this assignment, you will prepare an essay in which you will reflect upon the material you have studied in this unit. Make sure that your paper answers the following questions: What is the structure of the federal bureaucracy? In your opinion, should the federal bureaucracy be considered, as it is by some, as the […]


During the course of your life you have witnessed significant events and social issues. Clearly analyze how these events/issues/experiences have contributed to, changed, or transformed your modern outlook on life. In this essay you must cover several objectives: – Introduction with thesis statement. – One body paragraph: Document a change/transformation that has occurred in your […]

t follow the instruction to write 1200words business research report

Follow the instruction to write 1200words business research report This report needs a nice cover page and executive summary You must use Harvard referencing style The reporting entity you choose to write must be from the given list I have attached an example for you to have a look This assignment is very important Please […]