During the course of your life you have witnessed significant events and social issues. Clearly analyze how these events/issues/experiences have contributed to, changed, or transformed your modern outlook on life.

In this essay you must cover several objectives:

– Introduction with thesis statement.

– One body paragraph: Document a change/transformation that has occurred in your perspective. Explain how this perspective change has helped to shape your modern world outlook. (My perspective change is: It is better to help than to judge, please write this essay about this perspective change.)

– Two to three body paragraphs: Relate your new perspective to several events/issues/experiences, explaining how they have contributed to your modern outlook on life. Use documented resources to contextualize these events/issues/experiences. (One example that I have contributed is: I work as a cashier in gas station, and I deal with a lot of people daily. Before I used to view homeless people as thieves and bad people, and I always had to pay extra attention whenever a homeless person enter the store. This was a micro-aggression toward the homeless people, and after I read the Citizen book by Claudia Rankine, I changed my perspective toward them. Now, I start to help them by offering water and food to them, and also sometimes I give them my clothes that I don’t uss. Please include this example in this section as one of the experiences and add more explanation to it. Also, you need to find at least two more events, issues, or experiences to include (find one outside event, issue, or experience).

– Two to three body paragraphs: Before+After; Explain how your current world outlook influences (or has influenced) your reaction to various rhetorical situations. Be sure to discuss how your reaction might have differed before your change in perspective.

– Conclusion.

MLA Format

8-9 Pages

Cited page

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