Throughout this course, we have covered the cultural influences on family and relationships.You examined how family and intimate relationships can be successful, and why they sometimes fail.This assignment will demonstrate your overall knowledge of sociological principles and theory, and application of the sociological imagination to evaluate your existing understanding of family. It will also demonstrate your understanding of scholarly materials that examine intimate relationships and family. Using the research and reflections you have completed throughout the semester, submit a final research that presents your overall knowledge on the following subjects:

  • Explain the influence of history and biography on intimate relationships and family.
    • History of Marriage Law – how has marriage law changed over the years?What influences or social movements have contributed to these changes? (10 points)
    • Social Construct of Family – how has the terminology changed and what does it mean to you personally? (5 points)
  • Describe and employ a sociological imagination to evaluate family.
    • Examine your personal family. Discuss at least THREE of the following:

Subheadings: Love, mate selection, sexuality, communication patterns, parenthood, divorce.(10 points each = 30 points)

  • What agents of socialization have impacted your vision of family and relationships? (5 points)
  • Define and explain how your three subheadings be explained using THREE theoretical paradigms: (10 points each = 30 points)
    • Conflict, Structural Functionalism, Symbolic Interactionism, Family Systems, Life Course Perspective, Social Exchange, Feminist Family Theory
  • Marriage, families, intimate relationships, step-families
    • Summarize the mission and goals of the organization
    • Evaluate the credibility and effectiveness of the program

3.Family and Relationship Strengths (15 points)

Choose an organization that supports the healthy function of one of the following topics:

4.Evaluate and use scholarly books and/or peer-reviewed journals in marriage and family and create in-text citations and a reference page acknowledging source information. (5 points)

“SOC3: Final Research Paper” by Katie Wittman Conklin, West Hills College, is licensed under CC-BY 4.0